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Kulla, Barkdoll, & Stewart, P.C. is a general practice firm with office locations in Waynesboro and Chambersburg. We have appeared in litigation in ten Pennsylvania counties and before the Pennsylvania courts of Common Pleas, Superior Court, and Supreme Court together with the United States Court of Appeals.

    All cases are handled or reviewed by multiple attorneys. This means that your questions and concerns can be addressed promptly.
    We are able to meet with you at two locations in Franklin County: Waynesboro and Chambersburg.
    Hours for consultations can be scheduled in the evenings and on weekends to meet your schedule.
    The staff of Kulla, Barkdoll & Stewart have over forty years of experience in legal business concerns.
  • FEES
    Cases are accepted via one of three options: an hourly fee, a flat fee for the entire project, or a contingency basis.

    1. Hourly: Services are billed based on the time expended on your case. A fee agreement will be discussed and completed with you in writing.
    2. Flat Fees: Some matters, as negotiated with the attorneys, will be charged a set flat rate.
    3. Contingency: Legal fees are not recovered unless you win your case. Costs of litigation, however, will be your responsibility.

Our Practice

Real Estate Law

Settlements, Title Searches, Deeds, Title Insurance, Mortgages/ Mortgage Foreclosure, Fraud and Mistake, and Easements.

Tax /Preparation

Federal & State Income Tax

Criminal Law

Felonies & Misdemeanors, DUI/Drunk Driving, Motor Vehicle Offenses, and Juvenile Matters.

Personal Injuries

Personal Injury Litigation, Slip and Fall, Automobile Accidents, and Wrongful Death.

Civil Litigation

Contact Claims, Commercial Litigation, Collections, Real Estate Disputes, Injunctions, Insurance Claims, Consumer Protection, and Property Damage.

Business Law

Incorporation, Fictitious Name Registration, Partnerships, Corporate/Business Planning, and Sole Proprietorships.

Will & Estate Administration

Estate Planning with Tax Ramifications, Wills, Powers of Attorney, Estate Administration, Guardianship Proceedings, Will Contests, and Name Changes.

Family Law

Divorce, Support, Custody, Adoptions, Name Changes, and Protection From Abuse.

Why Choose Us

Honest Lawyers

It is important that your lawyer tells you exactly what the law is. We communicate with our clients about all their options – even if it is not what they would like to hear. It is crucial for you to know the laws just as well as we do.

We Do Not Mess Around

We know what it takes to win a case, whether you are going through a divorce or facing criminal charges. When you have a lot at stake, you do not want a lawyer who is not confident in the courtroom. If your case goes to trial, you will need the best of the best representing you. From the very moment our clients walk in to one of our offices, we start preparing all parties involved for the final courtroom showdown.

We Practice Law For The Average Person

You could say we fight for the little guy. In most cases, we represent individuals who are fighting against a much larger organization: Insurance Companies, Employers, The Government and Police, Prisons, and Health Care Systems.



Some of the best work. Was done by these guys. They seem to help every time I need them.
Connie Mong

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Stephen Kulla

Stephen Kulla

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Clinton Barkdoll

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Matthew Stewart

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